ERW426 steel pipe making machine

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1.1 Strip steel coilMaterial: low carbon steel and low alloy steelStrip steel thickness: 3.0~16.0mmStrip steel width: 440~1340 mmInner Diameter: Φ580mm~Φ760mmOuter Diameter: Φ1300mm~Φ2200mmMax Weight: Max.30 ton1.2 Steel Pipe SpecificationRound Pipe: Φ139~Φ426mmThickness: 3.0~16.0 mmSquare pipe: 110×110-335×335mmThickness: 3.0~16.0 mmLength Scope of Pipe: 6~12mTolerance: ±3 mm

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1.1 Strip steel coil
Material: low carbon steel and low alloy steel
Strip steel thickness: 3.0~16.0mm
Strip steel width: 440~1340 mm
Inner Diameter: Φ580mm~Φ760mm
Outer Diameter: Φ1300mm~Φ2200mm
Max Weight: Max.30 ton
1.2 Steel Pipe Specification
Round Pipe: Φ139~Φ426mm
Thickness: 3.0~16.0 mm
Square pipe: 110×110-335×335mm
Thickness: 3.0~16.0 mm
Length Scope of Pipe: 6~12m
Tolerance: ±3 mm

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